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Let us take you back to the 1930's...

A time of love, laughter, fun and GIN! Legend has it Laughing Club Inc was an exclusive club for those who loved to socialise over tennis, croquet and the odd game of cricket at the local common whilst partaking in the consumption of various fine cocktails such as Champagne or Gin.


Our Inspiration

So many stories surround The Laughing Club and feature such prominent names as Charlie Chaplin, Lord Reardon, Noel Coward and many more lost to time. Enjoy the 2 slides below and take a trip with us to a golden slice of history…

Created and distilled using time honoured traditional methods, in the heart of New Zealand.

And so the legacy of Laughing Club Inc has arisen once again. We raise our glasses to Lord Reardon and all members past and present of the Laughing Club! Cin Cin!

Enough already, where can I buy it!

The man behind Laughing Club Gin:

Peter Rowley
New Zealand Actor/comedian – ‘Billy T James Show’ ‘Mortal Engines’ and many more! Cin cin!!

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